The Perks Of Travel And Tourism Jobs

Travel and Tourism jobs are still as available, popular and lucrative as ever even in these economic times and you can expect this to happen for the next couple of decades to come as the Internet continues to create wealth as well as other sectors and people still plan celebration trips, floating seminars, etc. As science and technology evolves, so does the availability of job positions in different industries. This trend too is applicable with service oriented industries like hospitality.

What Are They?

Jobs that would fall into this category are usually those that involve providing services, accommodation and hospitality whilst travelling. These are usually hospitality jobs that are based on cruise ships, airlines, and land tour companies. Common job positions would be tour guides, discovery guides, docents, and interpreters.

However, for cruise ship based jobs, there are much more positions offered. For instance, you could be a chef and work in the ship’s kitchen, a lifeguard where you’ll be based near the pool while watching children, a bar tender, waiter/waitress, bellhop and lot more.

Do You Want A Beneficial Job?

If you want a job that has a lot of benefits, then you should get into the line of Travel and Tourism jobs. This industry is considered to be one of the most promising according to experts. It is also an area where you would enjoy growing and developing your talents.

If you have no idea of what are the benefits you can get from jobs like these, then here are some of the common perks of Travel and Tourism jobs given by various companies.

Security And Stability

One perk of being in this kind of career is the high probability of having a stable job. There is a continuous demand for these types of jobs. Once you’re in, your employer would definitely love to keep you in the crew, provided that you work well and properly of course.

Additionally, even if you end your contract with your current employer, you can still have a new job in a different company in no time; since it is pretty easy to find job openings in this area of the industry. Thus, your income would definitely be stable no matter what happens.

Lodging And Food

Usually, jobs in this industry are also inclusive of meals and lodging. However, it would still depend on the position you are in and the company you are working for. If your job requires some travelling, then there’s a good chance that this kind of perk is included.

For lodging, it may be the case that your company has a specified place where you can stay or they may be willing to reimburse your lodging expenses. For food, companies usually have a separate cafeteria just for workers where you can take your meals or just like in lodging, they may be willing to reimburse your food expenses or give you food allowances.

Huge Tips

Since this is a people and service oriented path, there is always the chance of getting tips from customers. Other than that, there is also the chance of meeting big tippers along the way. You can count on this opportunity especially if you are working in big hotels and resorts.


If you’ll be working in cruise ships and airlines, then travelling would definitely be part of your job. The best part here is that you get to do it for free. You get to see different places and different parts of the world with minimal expenses on your part. This is highly recommended for young people who need to broaden their horizons and expand on their book sense. There is no substitute for the school of life experience a young person can always benefit from discovering the diversity or culture and geographical variations on this earth we call home.

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