Tips On Finding Travel And Tourism Career Internships

Tips In Finding Travel and Tourism Career Internships

Travel andTourism career is one of the industries that would require having an internship. This is because of the nature of the job itself. Practical skills are considered to be much important in this kind of career rather than theoretical knowledge and competency. However, a mix of both is still preferred. In my case, I simply did a paid internship directly with a travel agency which led to wonderful advancement in the industry.

The Course And Its Internship

If youíll be studying this kind of course, for sure you would be required to undergo internship during your last year of college. There are various sources in which you can find internship programs and for sure, you would not have a hard time finding one. However, the challenge here is how you can find a good internship program.

School Provision

For some students, finding a program would not be a problem anymore. Not because they have lots of connections, but simply because their school would be the one to provide the program itself for them. Most schools offering Travel and Tourism courses nowadays usually partner up with an establishment. For instance, your school could have an agreement with a prominent hotel, resort or restaurant in your area.

Here, they would usually have a deal in which students of your school would automatically be interns in the establishment once they have had reached that certain part of the curriculum where internship is held. If your school would be the one to provide you with an internship program, then good for you!

Going International

One good thing with this type of career is that you can easily access international companies. This benefit does not only start when you are working already but even at your internship. There are a lot of companies out there that hire Travel andTourism students and provide them international internships. The good thing here is that these are most of the time paid.

Some companies that offer international internships also partner up with schools. If your school has this kind of program then good for you. If not, take heart. It is still possible for you to get into a program like this. All you have to do is contact the company. They would probably be more than happy to assist you with processing your documents and living arrangements in the country you would be going to.

The Internet

If your school does not provide you with a program you would have to find an internship yourself. Again, a good place to look in would be the Internet. With a little browsing, some keywords describing the job you want, and you can find various companies that are looking for interns. However, it may be tough for you to find a paid internship program on the net. Nevertheless, finding one that is not paid would be quite easy. Getting your foot in the door is a great thing.

Big Companies

One thing you should remember when researching an internship not to be afraid of big companies. It is possible for you to land an internship position with big and well-known companies. Do not be blinded by the notion that they only hire professionals or those that have extensive experience in the field. They do hire students as interns. In fact, they prefer it as they can train you to do things their way and pay you a fair way but less that the over-demanding experts in the field. So, donít be afraid to approach them and send your resume.

Local Establishments

Sometimes the best internship programs are found not with the big names but with the local ones. Donít hesitate to ask local companies or establishments around your neighbourhood if they have programs in store for you. They may not pay as well as the big companies but it's a place to start and you can always do a good job so that they give you promotions and raise your pay gradually until you are earning what you wanted. At the very least you'll gain some experience to add to you resume when you apply for the next job.

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